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KnowCo offers a range of specialist consultancy
services and software solutions that support banks
across governance, risk and compliance.

We build and deliver strategies and software applications which support both regulatory compliance and the broader targets of the bank’s business growth. KnowCo’s solutions grow with our clients’ key banking functions. By enabling a more streamlined, agile, and precise approach to risk we help banks and other institutions navigate the waters of regulatory change.

News: KSTOnline is now available

Our popular stress-testing and ALM system is now offered in SaaS form (software-as-a-service).

Software solutions that solve specific
challenges built around the principles
of sound risk management.


Reducing reliance on user-developed spreadsheets by storing data, scenarios and outputs securely in a controlled environment.


Streamlined and able to integrate data from across the organisation. Superior quality of data unlocking greater financial insight.


Can be configured to align with broader needs of the bank. Moves away from manual approaches which are labour intensive and not fit for purpose.


Potential for unlimited number of scenarios. Reduces workload; real time reporting. Easy integration with existing systems.


KnowCo’s technical and reporting solution for IFRS9.


Best practice funds transfer pricing built-in.


Establish liquidity impact of business plan and
stress scenarios.


Produces performance and risk metrics for day to
day business and risk management.

software solutions to support financial institutions



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