Credit Risk Management

Despite increasingly sophisticated risk transfer techniques and the drive toward developing non-interest income, credit continues to be the primary source of both risk and reward for the vast majority of financial institutions.

Yet credit risk management in some banks is more art than science, resisting the development of proven quantitative methodologies, capable as ever of delivering financial and reputation shocks to those institutions which do not employ best practice across the whole of the credit risk management spectrum.

We apply the best of both quantitative and qualitative credit risk management tools and techniques. Our approach incorporates the following fundamental elements of credit risk management:

  • The Business Strategy
  • The Enterprise Risk framework
  • Credit risk appetite
  • Group credit risk management structures
  • Credit policy architecture
  • Quantitative methodologies and stress-testing
  • Pricing for credit risk
  • Regulatory and economic capital allocation

KnowCo personnel have deep experience of credit risk management and as practitioners we can shape strategies, policies, models and processes that will support profitable but conservative stances towards the taking of credit risk through the stages of the business cycle.

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